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How to choose a quality bathroom cabinet

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Consumers are most concerned about the size of the bathroom when buying a bathroom cabinet, because each household's bathroom space is not the same, what preparations should be done before the selection?
     Therefore, we must first start from the measurement, to see how many positions to place the bathroom cabinet is appropriate. In general, the length will be more important, and the width will not affect a lot. In general, the shopping guide will first ask the consumer how big the bathroom cabinet is, and then provide the selected samples, and then look at the price after picking. Consumers can pick products of the required size based on their reserved location.
Tip 2: How to distinguish the quality of bathroom cabinet materials from the sense of hearing and visual
        Now there are many kinds of bathroom cabinet materials, such as PVC, wood, etc. Which kind of bathroom cabinet is more waterproof and moisture-proof?
        Solid wood bathroom cabinet, with solid wood as the main substrate, is treated with waterproof and environmentally friendly paint, and the formaldehyde emission is lower, and it is more durable. Like Hengjie bathroom cabinets are made of the finest rubber wood, which is more protective and durable.
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