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Bathroom cabinets to choose moisture-proof and wet-resistant design

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At present, the mainstream substrate selected for the bathroom cabinets on the market is waterproof MDF, which is a kind of "rigid" plate which is processed by special process after pulverizing the selected wood raw materials into powder.
Its waterproof performance is superior to ordinary fiberboard, and it is the first choice for high-end bathroom cabinets.
Bathroom cabinets to buy tips:
     1. For ordinary families, the best choice for wall cabinets, wall cabinets or wheels, can effectively isolate the ground moisture;
     2. It is necessary to know whether all metal parts are made of stainless steel or bathroom cabinets that are moisture-proof, so that the moisture resistance is guaranteed;
     3. It is necessary to check the opening degree of the bathroom cabinet hinge. When the opening angle reaches 180 degrees, it is more convenient to pick and place items;
     4. When selecting the style of the bathroom cabinet, it is necessary to ensure the maintenance of the inlet and outlet pipes and the opening of the valve, and do not leave any trouble for future maintenance and overhaul.
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